Welcome to the Iron League

This site is ironleague.org, and it is the central coordinating hub for a role-playing game called Tales of the Iron League, or TOTIL for short.

I run role-playing games at conventions. Over the last several years I have been running a sort of continuous campaign at three different conventions. The campaign uses Labyrinth Lord as a rules system – a retroclone of ’81 B/X Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve added my own house-rules to the system, as most DMs I know are prone to do.

Over the years, however, the house-rules have started to become bulky, and some of the changes I have wanted to make were basically impossible under the Labyrinth Lord framework. I therefore resolved to create my own game, largely from scratch but taking advantage of the Open Gaming LIcense’s provisions. One of the things I do when I run games at conventions is play to benefit charity, specifically the Houston Food Bank. The goal of TOTIL is not to sell a product, but to create an engine that will enhance my ability to procure donations for the Houston Food Bank, and hopefully get other people donating as well.

This game is currently under development; a first draft of primordial and incomplete rules has been generated (those rules can be downloaded from this site), and playtesting will begin soon. At the present time, this blog will largely be about game development issues. Once a final and usable game rolls out, this blog will probably be used for world development notes.

Thank you for reading.

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